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Economic evolution of Durres University: A historical perspective from 1803 to 2030

Ermir Shahini ,
Ermir Shahini

Alexander Moisiu University of Durres. Department of Economic Sciences. Durres, Albania

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The purpose of this study was to examine the history of the development of Alexander Moisiu University of Durres to form recommendations for its future development. It also remained important to form advices in the context of the future development of universities to ensure the improvement of the entire field of education. The main methods that were used in the framework of the study were analysis, forecasting, and comparison. The paper considered the features of the development of the city of Durres, its role for the country, and the main areas of activity. Subsequently, the history of the main local Alexander Moisiu University, which was founded in 2006, was evaluated. It was concluded that, despite significant successes, there are still difficulties and problems in its development. In this regard, actions were proposed (from the standpoint of the university’s management staff) to improve the quality of the university’s development in the future. Special attention was paid to components of innovation, digitalisation, and sustainable development. The conclusions showed that close cooperation between the municipality and the university will lead to mutually beneficial consequences, which is why representatives of both sides should be interested in this. The conclusions generated within the framework of the study can be used both to develop the future strategy of Alexander Moisiu University and to form a state strategy in the field of education in general

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