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Climate change: an approach on proposals of actions that emphasize social and economic justice, and environmental sustainability

María del Pilar Longar Blanco ,
María del Pilar Longar Blanco

Instituto Politécnico Nacional. Ciudad de México, México

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Demands on planetary resources have skyrocketed consistently over the past two centuries, indicating ecological excess and pointing to their finite nature. This scenario represents a great challenge since updated literature shows that, as a trend, there is a lack of political will and phenomena such as social denial. As a result, it was necessary to achieve a critical examination of the literature regarding actions that support climate change awareness from a sustainable approach. A narrative review of relevant sources was carried out, the main results of which point to the fact that the income participation variable since 1820 is concentrated at 10 percent in the richest social classes, who have consistently received 50 percent of all income. Furthermore, it could be seen that addressing climate change, as a process, is subject to the study of its causes and the transformation of the ecosystem from more sustainable practices oriented towards human and non-human well-being. The study allowed us to conclude that, to achieve this purpose, innovative capabilities must be promoted that promote technological entrepreneurship through innovation and development alternatives.

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Longar Blanco M del P. Climate change: an approach on proposals of actions that emphasize social and economic justice, and environmental sustainability. Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología - Serie de Conferencias [Internet]. 2024 Apr. 16 [cited 2024 May 21];3:683. Available from:

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