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Professional management competence of chinese hospital executives: an analysis

Yang Xia ,
Yang Xia

PhD, CEO, Hospital Management Research, China Hospital Management Research Institute, China

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Zheng Ying ,
Zheng Ying

Master Degree, Manager of International Exchange Office, International Exchange Office, College of Economic and Social Development, Nankai University, China

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Mudiarasan Kuppusamy ,
Mudiarasan Kuppusamy

PhD, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Business, University of Cyberjaya, Malaysia

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Over the past few decades, China's healthcare industry has seen tremendous alterations. The position of hospital executives, who play a crucial role in directing the course of healthcare organisations, is central to these shifts. This study offers a thorough investigation of Chinese hospital executives' professional management proficiency. The study explores several aspects of this competency, including planning ability, control ability, and problem-solving ability, by using a mixed-method approach. These factors are essential for guaranteeing better patient outcomes and efficient hospital administration. The study also finds several outside variables that affect these competencies, including leadership dynamics, policy ambiguity, and training programmes. This study provides a thorough understanding of the management environment among Chinese hospital executives by in-depth examinations of the literature, interviews, and a questionnaire survey. The research's conclusions not only provide important context for China's hospital management procedures, but they also pave the way for more studies in this area. The study emphasises the significance of improving hospital executives' professional competencies and the demand for focused interventions in this area. Hospital CEOs' roles will become ever more important as China's healthcare system develops. The present study makes a substantial contribution to the current corpus of information by illuminating the abilities necessary for efficient hospital administration in China.

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Xia Y, Ying Z, Kuppusamy M. Professional management competence of chinese hospital executives: an analysis. Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología - Serie de Conferencias [Internet]. 2024 Jun. 12 [cited 2024 Jul. 19];3:906. Available from:

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