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Pressure and its impact on job satisfaction and organizational performance

Yang Xia ,
Yang Xia

PhD, CEO, Hospital Management Research, China. Hospital Management Research Institute, China.

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Zheng Ying ,
Zheng Ying

Master Degree, Manager of International Exchange Office, International Exchange Office, College of Economic and Social Development, Nankai University, China

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Mudiarasan Kuppusamy ,
Mudiarasan Kuppusamy

PhD, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Business, University of Cyberjaya, Malaysia

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This paper explores the complex idea of work pressure among Chinese hospital administrators and how it affects job happiness and overall effectiveness of the organisation. Hospital directors confront a wide range of intricate issues within the framework of China's distinct healthcare system because of their twin responsibilities as administrative and medical leaders. The dimensions of role pressure are examined in this study, which include role gap, role overload, where the workload is excessive, role ambiguity, and the role of conflict. Understanding these aspects is essential to appreciating the effectiveness and well-being of hospital administration. Given that job happiness is a major factor in both employee performance and retention, these pressures have a significant effect on job satisfaction. The study also looks at the wider effects of pressure on organisational performance, which is crucial for the long-term viability and efficiency of healthcare facilities. Through an examination of these facets, the paper illuminates the noteworthy, albeit frequently disregarded, psychological and operational obstacles encountered by hospital administrators in China. This, in turn, offers valuable perspectives on the possibility of policy and administrative changes targeted at augmenting job contentment and organisational results.

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Xia Y, Ying Z, Kuppusamy M. Pressure and its impact on job satisfaction and organizational performance. Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología - Serie de Conferencias [Internet]. 2024 Jun. 11 [cited 2024 Jul. 20];3:878. Available from:

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