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Analysis of the application and effectiveness of grand canal museum resources in international Chinese education

Jing Zhu ,
Jing Zhu

China International Language and Culture College, Krirk University, Bangkok, 10700, The Kingdom of Thailand

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This article discusses how to use the resources of the Grand Canal Museum to enrich the content of international Chinese education and improve teaching effectiveness. With the acceleration of globalization, international Chinese education has become an important bridge for promoting cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. As an important cultural heritage in ancient China, the Grand Canal has rich resources along its route that are of unique value for international Chinese education. The Confucius Institute at the University of the West Indies Mona Campus, referred to as "UWI Confucius Institute", is the only Confucius Institute in Jamaica and is committed to promoting Chinese language education and Chinese culture. This article proposes teaching suggestions by analyzing the current application status, expectations, and practical effects of the Grand Canal Museum resources in the UWI Confucius Institute.
The study found that although the teachers of the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia recognized the value of the resources of the Grand Canal Museum, there were limitations in their application. Through classroom observation and student surveys, it was found that teachers rarely explained the culture of the Grand Canal in depth, while students showed great interest in it. Therefore, this article proposes the application of canal culture, intangible cultural heritage resources, and archaeological discovery resources, and designs teaching plans based on actual conditions. Through online visits to the Grand Canal Museum and other forms, students can intuitively experience the charm of the Grand Canal culture.
Practice has shown that the introduction of resources from the Grand Canal Museum has effectively stimulated students' interest in learning and improved teaching effectiveness. However, issues such as network fluctuations, difficulty in understanding professional vocabulary, and insufficient student interaction still need to be addressed. In response, this article proposes deepening the exploration of teaching materials resources, optimizing online services, strengthening cooperation between museums and schools, and increasing practical links, in order to contribute to the international dissemination of the Grand Canal culture and the development of international Chinese education.
This article emphasizes the important role of the Grand Canal Museum resources in international Chinese education, and calls on teachers to strengthen cooperation and communication, innovate teaching methods, and let the Grand Canal culture shine on the international stage.

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